Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NaNoWriMo Music Video

Have you ever seen something and thought ‘I can do that’?

Maybe it’s just me. I’m one of those people that sees something and wants to try it for myself. A year ago, I started listening to a lot of acapella music, and I started thinking about how much I would like to beatbox. I talked to my awesome brother about how to do it, and after he taught me the basics, I started practicing on my commute to work.

I mentioned how much I was practicing to my wonderful writing friend, and the two of us started thinking about how we should make a music video for NaNoWriMo.

How hard could it be, right?


I had some awesome friends who were willing to try this with us.

Here’s the thing. Music videos take a lot more work than you’d think. First, there comes the actual planning part. Fortunately, two girls in our NaNoWriMo group had rewritten the words to ‘Counting Stars,’ so we had the lyrics and the song, but we also wanted to add our theme for the year. So after lots of brainstorming, I finally came up with a way to incorporate the theme into the song. Then we had to find props and somewhere to shoot.

Then we actually had to record the song. Now that took a whole lot more time. We found out that having the right microphone is a key element to recording a song. I think we spent about nine hours recording a clip that’s less than six minutes long.

Music Recording

Recording takes a lot of quiet

And once we finished that, we had to film. It took two days, and probably seven or eight hours to film and get everything together.

We had to record one by one

Can anyone guess our theme?

After that, I had to have my cousin teach me about film editing so that we could mesh all of the clips together.

It was a much longer process than we expected, but the final product was more than we ever expected.

Here’s the final product! What do you think?