Friday, April 17, 2015

My Trip to the Library

About a month ago, I went to the capital of our state for some training for work.  Right now, because of Hubby’s schooling, we’re living in a tiny town without very much to do.  So when I got to the big city, I started researching tourist spots to visit. 

Of all the different options, there was one that drew my attention.  The Public Library.  It’s been years since I’ve been in a library of any real size, and I was excited.

And the library was excited to see me.  If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture.

Exclamation point and everything

I didn’t have a card, so I couldn’t check out any books.  But that’s okay, because I could browse.  I’ve been trying to do better at reading more books over the past two years, and I think that in a year and a half, I’ve read the same number of books that I’ve read in the past six or seven years.  So there’s a lot of new authors that I’ve come to know, and a lot of great books that have become one of my favorites.

So I spent the evening looking for books that I’ve read recently.  There were some that surprised me, which were published in the past year and didn’t seem like they would be in the library yet.  There were others I expected to see and didn’t.  Maybe they were checked out.

I got insanely happy when I found a book by a favorite author in the recommended reads shelves. 

If you haven’t read Alexandra Bracken, you really should.

Then I climbed the stairs.  This library had three stories, and I browsed through each one.  I browsed through the fiction sections of the first level, then made my way up to the nonfiction.  There were quite a few books on writing queries and on writing in general.  I spent about an hour leaned up against the shelves flipping through pages.  Then, on the last floor, I pulled out my laptop and started writing.

Being surrounded by words from other writers inspired me.  I was able to spend another hour working on The Orphans of Jadox. 

So I’d say it was one of the best tourist spots by far.  And when there’s a book, there’s always a great destination.