Thursday, February 11, 2016

Virtual Love Letter

Last week, I attended a seminar through SCWBI, where the presenter talked about the Ladder of Abstraction. It was an interesting class, where we talked about dropping down the rungs of the ladder down to the concrete, rather than the abstract. Afterward, he gave us different words and challenged us to find a way to make it concrete in 5-10 minutes.

One of the words he used was love. As I worked on making the abstract idea of love more concrete, I realized I was writing about my wonderful hubby. He’s displayed so many random acts of love, and he’s my primary example. We aren’t going to be seeing each other until Sunday, so I thought I’d send him a virtual love note, describing love in the concrete, and showing the ways he’s made love real for me.


When she curls up against him in sleep, no matter what time of night, he wakes up long enough to cover her with a second blanket. Usually, she doesn’t even know until the next morning, when he’s already risen and left his pillow for her to hug while she sleeps.

When walking on the sidewalk, or down a parking lot, he takes the spot next to the road, to shield her from oncoming traffic.

He doesn’t make fun of her irrational fear of dogs (very much), and he always steps between her and the dog, to protect her, even if it’s only in her mind.

When she needs to go grocery shopping and wants the company, he goes without complaint, making the trip a chance to rekindle their friendship and to make sure she remembers to buy Oreos.

On the nights when she’s working, and they’re apart, he remembers to text her before he goes to bed, so that she knows she’s the last thing on his mind, and that he misses her, even when they'll see each other in just a few hours.

I love you, and thank you for showing me the real, and concrete aspect of love.