Monday, October 3, 2016

Open to Diversity

I’m going to talk about something that’s confused me for a while.

Recently, as I research agents and brows the #MSWL, I’ve noticed a phrase that just sticks out to me. Seeking Diversity. Looking for Diversity.

That’s great, it really is. I’m really excited that there’s a push to represent other cultures and beliefs. And I have noticed recently that it feels like every world is the same. And it only occurred to me a few years ago that fantasy worlds could be from a different type world. That the characters didn’t have to represent Medieval Europe, and I could represent my own heritage. I’m so grateful for the awareness that’s been raised to the lack in not only books but other mediums as well.

I live diversity. I'm a daughter of a biracial marriage who married a Bolivian. We speak two languages at home, and we've brought little bits from each culture into our family. I wouldn't give that up for anything. And trust me, I have no qualms with the push for diversity.

Here’s where I have an issue with the phrase.

Wanting diversity. Open to diversity.

Is there really someone out there who isn’t? And if someone doesn’t put it, does that mean they only want white characters in Vanillaville? I wish that this could be a given, and that agents don’t feel the need to say that they’re open for it. I hope that we all want diversity, and that someday, it’s not something we feel we have to say just in case others aren’t aware.

Diversity is important, and we should all want it. I can’t count how much learning about other cultures and beliefs has changed my own worldview. Diversity should be a given, not a request.