Monday, October 10, 2016

International Care Packages

My husband is one of the best men I’ve ever met. I really admire him for the things that he’s done, and especially for being willing to leave his family and his country to be with me. It’s a sacrifice that I can’t even fathom. When I lived in Spain, I missed my family more than I imagined possible, but I always knew I would see them again.

We haven’t been able to see hubby’s family since we left Spain, and I know that’s been difficult for him. Every year we try and create a nice care package to send to them. It’s hard to think of different things that they might not be able to find over there. There’s a few things that we’ve found that they really seem to like. Things that we take for granted.

His parents always ask for Advil. Not just Advil, the soft gel capsules. We have those in any general store, even in random gas stations. But here’s the thing. Pharmacies in Spain are way different from the US. They’re under government control, which means that every single pharmacy is the same. And they sell the same thing. Not the nice stuff, but cheap medications that you can mass produce. Half of it is powdered and needs to be dissolved. Gel capsules are a luxury over there.

Hubby’s brothers always ask for a bag of Hershey’s chocolate. Amazing right? We always talk about the European chocolate, the real German stuff, but his family craves the American concoction. We try and send a pound or so of the minibars, just to give them some variety.

Speaking of candy, we try and send a whole bunch of that. America has such a unique variety. Last time we were putting a box together, hubby told me that we should get those really weird ones… Air Heads! Then of course, there’s circus peanuts. Those could confuse just about anyone.

Do any of you have friends from different countries? What kind of things do you put in care packages? We’re starting to get Christmas ideas going, and I’d love any advice!