Friday, February 28, 2014

Planning an Event

So recently, I’ve been going through some of my writing notes.  I only took one creative writing class, and I used the opportunity to soak up as much as I could about writing and using my creative side.  (Yet, math-wise, I went all the way through 1 ½ years of calculus.  Go figure.)  I took very in-depth, detailed notes, and I’ve kept them for years.

Our teacher had us take a book (which I wish I could remember which book it was) and each of us had to present a chapter.  My chapter was specifically about writing, and I really wish that I’d kept it.  But I wanted to talk about a few of the notes that I took. 

One of the ones that I’ve really been thinking about recently is the fact that “books are events.”  In this idea, it’s the thought that says that a book is an event between the reader and writer.  As writers, we’re planning this event, hoping that the reader will enjoy it.  If we don’t prepare enough, food, entertainment or music, then how will our guests be able to sit back, relax and enjoy? 

Even if we’re missing the silverware, there’s going to be some awkward moments. 

I really enjoy planning activities, we’re evening having a ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ this Saturday.  It’s taken me days to prepare.  Things like buying a turkey with enough time to defrost, baking pies and rolls between work schedules, and finding enough chairs for everyone we’ve invited.  We also had to invite our guests with enough time for them to response.

A babyshower that I planned

With writing, there’s the same planning and preparation.  A writer can’t just put a few words on the page and expect it to be good enough.  There needs to be editing and revising.  If there’s something I don’t understand, like passive vs active then I need to look it up.  It’s like baking a turkey.  I can’t just hope I know enough to cook it the right amount and not give everyone salmonella. 

With writing, we’re inviting a large number of guests.  There’s even a chance of hundreds of guests, which means that there needs to be even more preparation.  That’s where revision, revision, revision comes in. 

So right now, I’m preparing for a big event.  I don’t know when the event will be, but trust me, I will be ready.