Friday, August 5, 2016

Baymax: A True Representation of a Healthcare Worker

I think that Big Hero 6 is an underrated movie. There’s a lot of great stuff that went into it, and I think it got ignored, just because of how big Frozen was at that time.

While watching the commercials, I was almost positive I was going to hate Baymax. He was big, slow, and the parts that they had of him made me think he would be there as comic relief, but I didn’t think that I would like the kind of comedy he would provide.

After watching the movie, I have one thing to say. Baymax is the greatest representation of a healthcare worker. Tadashi made him to be a personal healthcare provider. He must have done his research, because he created exactly the kind of person most facilities want.

Baymax’s first question, whenever someone is in pain is: what’s your pain level on a scale of 1-10?

You have no idea how often I ask this question. One facility I worked in, we were required to ask every one of our patients that question every four hours. It was in our medication record, and we had to record their pain level every 4 hours. On a normal shift, I probably ask that question probably thirty to forty times. And if I’m not asking, I’m assessing for signs and symptoms of pain.

Grimacing, guarding, acting withdrawn, moaning, groaning… I’m programmed to notice anything that could indicate pain. When I have patients with Alzheimer’s, or who had stroke and can’t communicate, I keep an eye for any nonverbal signs so that I can control their pain.

In nursing school, we learn that pain is the 6th vital sign. It’s so important that we should be assessing it whenever we walk into a patient’s room.

So hats off to Tadashi, for understanding how important pain is, and how often it needs to be assessed.