Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo Failure

It’s been a good summer. And a busy summer. I wasn’t expecting any changes or surprises, but that’s always when something happens, right?

The hardest part is writing when life seems to be going at a crazy pace. Last month, my goal was to edit 80,000 words of Hooked, book 2 in the series I wrote during November. During that time, I thought that my schedule would be wide open.

Unfortunately, life threw a few curveballs at me. Right after setting my goal, I ended up switching jobs, which meant extra hours of work, trying to finish my previous job and start orientation for the new one. Then my husband had a surprise interview across the state, and my mom threw in a surprise trip for the family. So all of the sudden, my extra time didn’t exist anymore.

I didn’t reach my goal. But that’s okay. Sometimes, we have to let life happen. That’s not to say I didn’t try hard. The last two weeks of July, we ended up driving for almost 75 hours. That’s like a full time job right there, just in the car. I spent as much time as I could writing, though let me say, there’s a lot of bumpy roads out there!

Just a few of the places we visited

There were some days that I didn’t write at all, but I didn’t let that discourage me. Because that’s going to happen. Some days are busy, and other days I have nothing to do and writing takes a priority.
It’s hard to find time for everything, but sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and let life happen for a while. The past two weeks have been crazy, but at the same time, I saw so many things that I got even more ideas for future stories

So I guess, in a sense, I never really stopped writing.